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“Kingdom of Rotting Log”
Season 1, Episode 31
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April 25, 2016

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Adam Rudman David Rudman George Arthur Bloom


Christos Katopodis

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Kingdom of Rotting Log is the 1st part of episode 16.


Kingdom of Rotting Log - Nature Cat and his friends want to build their royal castle in the woods, but there is a rotting log in the way. As they try to remove the log, they learn and find out how important rotting logs are.


The episode starts off with Nature Cat and his friends are going to build a royal castle,however there's a rotten log in the way,so Nature Cat and his friends tries to get rid of the log by pushing it,but it failed and they interrupted a raccoon named "Doris",Doris got out the log then she hides in a bush,meanwhile daisy found stick then she and others are going to use it as a lever to lift the log,then they try to lift the log,but doris sneaks up and she use a saw to down the lever stick that nature cat and his friends are using,then nature cat tries to get rid of the log by tying it with a rope and using the rope as a pulley to the lift the log,but then doris unties the rope from the log then tie the rope to the bee hive,after nature cat and his friends try to pull the rope,the bee hive falls down and nature cat and his friends runs aways,then nature cat and the others are going build the castle,then doris messes up by erasing the number that is on the build blocks without nature cat and others knowing,then nature cat tries to lift the log again by telling squeeks to tie the rope inside of the log,when squeeks get into the,she meets doris and vincent,after when squeeks explain why they nature cat and others can't get rid of the log,doris explains nature cat and the other about the importances of ecosystem,then nature cat announces that there's already a kingdom of the rotten log,which doris becomes the queen of the rotten log,and doris comes up with an idea that nature cat and others can put the built castle in a clear Area,then doris thanks nature cat for his understanding,and the episode ends with nature cat and his friends are celebrating

Learning Goals

Rotting Logs, are Important to a forests ecosystem.



  • This episode mark the first appearance of Doris and Vincent


  • TBA


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